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  • Golden Kids products are sewn 100% by hand.
  • Made of sturdy materials and carefully stitched tipi ensure long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Bright, vivid colors will perfectly decorate your child’s room
  • Safe and non-toxic materials used in production guarantee a healthy space for the child.
  • Fabric is 100% cotton and approved polyester( baby friendly)
  • All products from which the tipi is made have the necessary approvals.
  • The unique design and careful finishes are eye-catching and add charm to a child’s room.


  • Tipi base: 113cm x 113cm
  • Tipi height: The total height of the tent is 170cm, each pole is 185cm long.


Included in the proposed set are:

  • Tipi cover
  • double-sided mat
  • stabilizer
  • poles with connectors

Large , double-sided mat with dimensions of 113/113 cm is made of cotton

On the corners of the mat are sewn triangles into which to insert the poles holding the tent .This makes the whole thing stable and safe.

The mat with silicone filling is fully washable.


Developing creativity: Tipi is an ideal place to develop imagination and creativity in children. Children can pretend to be in an Indian tent, create their own play scenarios or organize small theaters.

Private space: It is important for children to have their own private space where they can play and relax alone or with their friends. The tipi provides a kind of separate enclave where children can feel comfortable.

Reading and learning: Tipi can be a great place to read books and study. By creating a cozy reading corner, you can encourage children to develop the habit of reading and learning about new things.

Safe place: Tipi can become a place where children can feel safe and freely express their feelings. This can help build self-confidence and emotional stability.

Social interaction: children can invite friends to play together in the tipi, which supports the development of social and communication skills.

Space organization: a Tipi can help organize the space in a child’s room, especially if a small apartment or limited space.

In conclusion, a tipi for children can not only bring them a lot of fun, but also promote their emotional development, creativity and social skills.


  • made of wood
  • connected by a metal screw
  • for maximum safety of use, the screw secured on both sides

Our system consists of two wooden pinwheels , connected by a metal rod, topped by a clamping system to keep the structure stable.

Thanks to the stabilizer, our tipi is stable , and children playing inside the tent are protected against tipi falling on them.

Properly installed stabilizer makes the tipi rigid, and the poles stably support the structure, prevents the tent from folding during play, which greatly increases its safety, and at the same time ensures the comfort of the tent.


  • Place the stabilizer vertically, between the tipi poles, so that one fan is under the binding of the poles and the other is above the binding
  • Then tighten the screw .


All elements of the set can be safely washed in a washing machine.

Cleaning instructions

  • Machine wash completely at 30º,
  • gentle program
  • Iron the cotton fabric at temperatures up to 110 degrees. C.,
  • use mild detergents


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